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lun. 7, 23:00
Dernière diffusion le lun. 3 mai 2021 à 23h00

1 Public Enemy Number Won ft. Mike D, Ad-Rock, Run DMC PUBLIC ENEMY 2 Nobody Move PARIS 3 Pro-Wrestling BILLY WOODS 4 Nice Wit It 4TUNE x GEAR 5 Blood Clot feat. ODDATEEE MOODIE BLACK 6 32 MOODIE BLACK 7 Jagniecina BARTUS 419 8 Red Herring SHRAPKNEL (CURLY CASTRO & PREM ROCK) 9 North Bridge PRESERVATION + NAVY BLUE 10 I-78 PRESERVATION + MACH HOMMY 11 Kobe At The Rucker feat. VIC SPENCER CAMO FLAUGE MONK & SAUCE HEIST 12 Mutha Fuckaz Know (Prod. CRYSTAL CAMINO) RECOGNIZE ALI 13 Stand Tall, Stay Golden (HASHFINGER Remix) KID ACNE 14 Attention Challenge THE KOREANTOWN ODDITY 15 Take It Back v.2 DENZEL CURRY & KENNY BEATS 16 Legend Of The Chimera NAPOLEON DA LEGEND 17 Baileys Brown DEDW8 & CONWAY THE MACHINE 18 My Cougar Shortly Called The Uber Forme AL.DIVINO 19 Hard Times POUNDS 20 Digitize Me ALPHA MC 21 Why Bother MC DISSOLVING SOAP SLIVER 22 The Last Survivors- Malathion Feat. Ellay Khule AKA Rifleman MALATHION 23 How's My Girlfriends RAMMELZEE 24 Best Served Cold MESTIZO + CONTROLLER 7 25 Tupac Herring Bone OPTIMIS GFN 26 We Live Here BOB VYLAN 27 No Title WRIST 28 Lex Lugger HO99O9 29 Fire Fly Family feat. MIKE IX (EYE HATE GOD) HO99O9 30 Visages (prod. PIEGE) EDEN DILLINGER 31 Regretamine PAVLEISDEAD 32 Wolf PLAYGROUND HUSTLE x PAVLEISDEAD 33 64 Bars (prod by STABBER) JOHNNY MARSIGLIA 34 Outlawz TERROR REID 35 Paris 20e - OG Freestyle HILL G 36 Electro Cunt MKULTRA 37 Pulling Teeth ZAK G 38 Obey. Conform. Consume. Sleep. feat. DOPE KNIFE ZAK G 39 Breakshit_Fuck On The Floor MKULTRA

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